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Breech House Farm

Jacob sheep

We have kept a small flock of pedigree Jacob sheep since 2010. One of the oldest domestic breeds, these are hardy, good mothers and produce excellent meat. The large horns, particularly on the rams, are a characteristic, as is the two tone coat.

The sheep play an important part in managing this traditional moorland - without them it would revert to coarse scrub.

Our rams and ewes are together from early October, with lambing early in March and an average of two lambs per ewe. This is the only time the ewes are indoors and the only time they have a supplement of corn, molasses and minerals.

Shearing takes place at the end of May and we generally sell some "shearling" (year old sheep) fleeces to hand spinners, knitters and weavers, sending the rest to British Wool.

Whilst the young ewes are sold for breeding, the males graze here for about 18 months and produce excellent hogget meat. See produce page for more information.