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Breech House Farm

6 October 2021

Penny, our young Oxford Sandy and Black sow, produced her first litter of 8 healthy piglets this week. These are all pedigree and we will probably keep one for breeding and have some to sell as weaners.


Lambing March 2021

Added by Vincent Cooper at 20:30 on 15 March 2021

Lambing of our Jacob sheep is nearly done, with just one ewe left to lamb. The total so far is 10 males and 8 ...

21 February 2021

Warmer weather brings a feel of early spring and everything on the farm starting again.

Our first goose egg of the season appeared yesterday. It's a few days late - usually Valentine's Day or just before.

The ewes are all in the lambing shed and I got up this morning to find a ewe with healthy triplets, all up and feeding well.

21 February 2021

Not just lambs but a lovely new Dexter calf too. This is Betsi, our herd leader who surprised us with this healthy male calf in the field this morning. It's lovely to see how they all operate as a family and gather round a newborn